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    FUTA Precision Inc., was founded for the increasing demands of various and customized parts in the industrial OEM markets. We have been providing our customers with precision parts and diversified production processes for over two decades. We specialize in CNC precision machining and co-work with affiliated partners in the areas of Investment Casting, Aluminum Die Casting, Sheet Metal Stamping, Powder Metallurgy (PM), Metal Injection Mold (MIM), Plastic Injection, Rubber Gasket & O-ring, Solenoid coil, etc.

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Il passo della Futa è un valico dell'Appennino tosco-emiliano, altitudine 903 m s.l.m., sito in provincia di Firenze, nel comune di Firenzuola. È attraversato dalla ex strada statale 65 della Futa (ora strada regionale 65) nei pressi dell'incrocio, pochi metri a nord del valico, con la strada provinciale 116 di Cornacchiaia per Firenzuola. 

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The Futa Pass or La Futa Pass[1] (Italian: Passo della Futa) is a pass in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, at an elevation of 903 m (2,963 ft). It is located in the comune of Firenzuola, in the Metropolitan City of Florence. It separated the valleys of Mugello and of the Santerno River. It is crossed by the Regional Road 65 (strada della Futa ... 

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